Digital Creators + Blockchain (11/18/2018)

This past Sunday, the kind people at Starfish Mission and the San Francisco Crypto Art Meetup helped host our first local event for digital creators. Amidst the harsh weather conditions (California Fires), a handful of brave souls joined us for an afternoon of learning how blockchain is empowering digital creators.

Artists and blockchain enthusiasts learning about how blockchain is empowering digital creators — photo by Ngoc Nguyen

We showcased a number of blockchain-based digital artworks from artists on MakersPlace, projected onto a myriad of HD monitors and TVs. The details were stunning!

#cryptoart — photo by Ngoc Nguyen
Passion by Reinhard Schmid — photo by Ngoc Nguyen

Artwork (#cryptoart) was uploaded to the blockchain courtesy of MakersPlace.

First blockchain art — photo by Ngoc Nguyen

To end the event, one lucky winner walked away with their very first limited edition digital artwork, All Brains — Creature #1 (Edition 1/1) by Art with Flo.

All Brains — Creature #1 by Art with Flo — photo by Ngoc Nguyen

It was exciting to connect with the local blockchain and art community. The #cryptoart movement is out in full force here in SF and we’re glad to be at the heart of it.

Huge thank you to Travis Uhrig, Ann Marie Alanes and Ngoc Nguyen for the help in putting together this event.

#cryptoart — Change is Inevitable by Ann Marie Alanes

Showcased Digital Art

Passion by Reinhard Schmid (Edition 1/7)

Passion by Reinhard Schmid

All Brains — Creature #1 by Art With Flo (Edition 1/1)

All Brains — Creator #1 by Art with Flo

Cold Autumn in Another Place by Steve Johnson (Edition 1/5)

Cold Autumn in Another Place — Steve Johnson

Advachiel, Angel of Sagittarius by Peter Mohrbacher (Edition 1/10)

Advachiel, Angel of Sagittarius by Peter Mohrbacher

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