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Here at MakersPlace our mission is to empower the world’s digital creators (artists, photographers, musicians and more) by helping them better manage and sell their digital creations.

For the first time, through MakersPlace, creators as able to create and sell unique digital creations that a collector can truly own, with the help of blockchain technology (learn more here).

Enter to Win

Today we’re excited to kick off our Digital Creation Contests on Discord to continually showcase the newest creators on MakersPlace and their original creations. All participants will have a chance to win an original digital creation from our featured creators, sponsored by MakersPlace.

Contest Details and Prizes

To participate, simply join our discord channel and like or comment on the creations you like the most. At the end of each contest we will:

1. Select one winner out of everyone who participated.

We’ll select one random winner who will receive an original commissioned digital creation by the featured creator. Along with the unique creation, you’ll receive a signed proof of authenticity on the blockchain.

2. Select one winning creator with the most likes and comments.

The creator who receives the most likes and comments that week will be featured on MakersPlace and will have one of their creations commissioned by MakersPlace as a prize for a future contest.

Getting Featured

If you wish to get featured in an upcoming contest, simply tag, tweet or message us Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

The First Contest (10/8 to 10/15)

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The Prize

An original digital illustration by Larry Cooney Jr. You can learn more about Larry’s story and art here in his MakerStory.

Here’s a limited edition digital illustration of President Obama by Larry, that he recently sold on MakersPlace.

Obama Portrait by Larry Cooney Jr — Sold on MakersPlace

The Contestants

Monsters by Projected Symbols

Monsters — by Projected Symbols

Reflections to Crumble by Weroni

Reflections to Crumble — by Weroni

subject: “This is what’s left the diamond by Himalayev

subject: “This is what’s left the diamond — Himalayev

The Light by Donna Davis

The Light by Donna Davis

Speed Thrills by Riotgear

Speed Thrills by Riotgear

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