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Photos of: Mauro Gatti, Dania Strong, Floortje Visser, Martino Pietropoli

Our mission at MakersPlace is to empower the world’s digital creators (artists, photographers, musicians and more) by helping them better manage and sell their digital creations.

We’re still very early in realizing this but we’ve already had the opportunity to partner with a number of amazing digital creators, each with a unique story to tell. From first pursuing their passion as a creator to the lessons learned along the way, these stories can be powerful and can help the broader creator community by inspiring others along a similar path.

Starting today we’ll be kicking off MakerStories, a new series of blog posts aimed at sharing the stories of digital creators and their learnings throughout their personal journey. We’ll also dive into how creators have been able to embrace an increasing shift towards a digitally-connected world, it’s impact on their work, and how emerging technologies like blockchain is helping to expand their opportunities.

Join us and share your story

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